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Constructing Lives

a nonprofit construction company

Constructing Lives

a nonprofit construction company


We are local men and women helping our community. We are skilled in construction, repairs and home improvement. Our volunteers use local materials to help residents on limited incomes and local churches with limited resources. We want to help create safe living environments for residents with needs for accessibility. Our goal is to help lift the burden of home upkeep from those who cannot afford it and help churches identify resources so they can meet building codes and properly serve their visitors. We strive to make a safer, better community for all.

Local Commitment

When a neighbor on limited income falls behind on basic home repairs, Constructing Lives can help. When a local church needs a hand, our volunteers can help define building codes that must be met, and then help locate resources so that repairs and improvements can be made. Our commitment is to our neighbors with limited means who need repairs to a leaky roof or a broken window. It is to those facing changes due to an accident or illness and now need handicapped accessibility. Down the street and around the block, we are available to help.

Donate To Our Cause

Your donation of any amount will directly impact the community in which you live. Our projects are taking place in your neighborhood, improving the lives of those in need around you and the community as a whole. Please consider making a tax-deductible donation to Constructing Lives today.

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Volunteer with us

We are skilled workers lending a hand to those in need in our community. If you have a skill and time you would like to contribute to our project, please contact us. Many hands can extend our reach to the growing numbers of families and elderly who need help.

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Our Philosphy

As James 1:27 states, pure and faultless devotion in the eyes of God is to care for orphans and widows in their difficulties.

Making a Difference

At Constructing Lives, we believe that by using our God-given talents and giving generously of our time, we make our community a better place for everyone living here. Homes in good repair keep inhabitants safe and healthy, freeing our first responders to handle other emergencies. Property values remain high and city services provide high quality living for all families, young and old. By working together, we can impact the future development of our community.

How your donations are used

When you give to Constructing Lives, be assured 100% of your donation is used to fund repairs and projects for local residents and churches with limited means. All funds are used at local companies to purchase materials and supplies, or the use of equipment needed to complete these projects and repairs. All labor is given free of charge by our skilled volunteers.

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